„There is every indication debuting Marcelina Gawron is a new, important voice on the polish jazz scene.”

Robert Ratajczak,

„Marcelina is extremely authentic; it’s about the experiments of touching the truth, which is so hard to meet in the commercialized world of today. (…) We are facing a new talent. It’s original, solid, promising debut. It’s worth keeping track of Marcelina’s musical actions.”

Piotr Pepliński/ JazzPRESS, April 2019

„The voice which you cannot pass by. It brings the attention of the listener and keeps for a long time.”

Adam Dobrzyński, Polskie Radio

„a good piece of jazz entwined with innovative sounds and strong, melodic vocal”

Konrad Klimkiewicz,

„..there is plenty of music herein that should keep vocal Jazz enthusiasts happy (…) Gawron could hardly find a more able team to support her vocals than the one present here. The vocal parts, both lyrics and vocalese, are all well executed and combined with the quartet’s accompaniment.”

Adam Baruch

„Jazz vocalist with an original tone quality (..) the compositions are not only good piece of music but also pieces of work with specific messages”

Magdalena Szpak,

„Your voice is wonderfully malleable/soluble and mix-worthy. What a gift! (…)
You have a fine CD here, which deserves serious attention.”

Bob Stoloff, jazz, scat singer, jazz educator, Berklee College of Music