The album „Notes of life” is an outcome of these years’ explorations.

Each tune is a separate, intimate reflection told with sounds and words. 

On the basis of sophisticated jazz harmonies and engaging rhythm ideas she triggers the versatile emotions with her voice. Sometimes it’s a deep voice, sometimes a half-whisper, close to the mic.

She uses lyrics as well as the voice itself tracking other instruments – both minimalistic and brave arrangement ideas.

Track Listing: Solution; Zaduma; Freaky you; In a perfect world; Life Lesson; On and On: Your Butterfly; Lonely flight; Blefer

The musicians who joined her are  one of the best on the polish jazz scene:

  • Marcelina Gawron: vocals
  • Robert Majewski: trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Adam Jarzmik: piano
  • Michał Barański: double bass 
  • Piotr Budniak: drums.

Thanks to these great musicians Marcelina indulged herself in her intimate sound space.

Released by SJRECORDS; consists of 9 pieces of music composed by Marcelina Gawron.

Cover painting: Tomasz Olszewski

Cover design: Tomasz Olszewski

Photos: Dorota Czoch

Mixed and mastered by Ignacy Gruszecki in Monochrom Studio, 

Recorded in September 2019 in Monochrom Studio in Gniewoszów.

Released 23rd February 2019.